Get to Know Me

I have been dedicated to my own personal and professional development since 2003.

This has entailed receiving various therapeutic counselling interventions/approaches, as well as alternative and complementary therapies along side.


My commitment to my own well-being, learning, training is on-going.

I believe this is an essential element in counselling others.

I am passionate about intentionally living in the here and now as much as possible in a mindfulness way.

My Experience

I have been counselling others and working in the addiction field since 2004, working at ACAD (Advice & Counselling for Alcohol & Drugs, Project Officer at ARA (Addiction Recovery Agency) face to face, online, and telephone counselling. BDP (Bristol Drugs Project) Structured day program practitioner and since I have been working at DHI (Developing Health & Independents), as a Recovery Worker. 

Throughout this time also facilitating groups.

I started my Private Practice along side in April 2019, which soon became full-time.


Dancing, singing, yoga, Tai chi, Chi Kung, meditation, Films, and reading.

I love seaside and country walks, animals, and love the water.

I remember how daunting choosing to engage with something like counselling can be when new to it (completely normal), and understand the need to take time to think and do a bit of research. Possibly see a few therapists before deciding what type of therapist and approach that feels right for you at this time in your life.

When you decide to commit and take the first steps into this unknown journey.

I would be privileged to be the one to walk along side you on this self-exploration expedition.

Tension is what we think we 'should' be Relaxation is who we are.