I charge my clients for my time & skills, my heart I give for free.

Feel Listened too and Accepted

I offer long term counselling and short term time-limited support.
Face to face, Online, & Telephone Counselling.
I am an experienced group work facilitator.
Limited concessions are available by mutual agreement (£35-£55).
Flexibility - I generally have day-time and evening appointments.
£55 for a 50 minute session, £45 student rate when unable to afford full price.
Evening appointments are exempt from people who are unable to pay full price.
Pre-arranged longer sessions can also be arranged by mutual agreement around cost where this could feel helpful from time-to-time to the healing journey.


Integrate all parts of self through using other techniques and tools.


This may include focusing more on the body and on the here and now, or working on unhelpful thoughts and fixed beliefs that are no longer serving you.
This is where I can pull from TA, psychodynamic, and Gestalt. As well as CBT, Solution-focused, and MI. (please view counselling at the top of page to gain more understanding of these terms and abbreviations.) Creative exercises are sometimes used and some can be done in between sessions.


"I can’t really put into words how much I have benefitted from counselling with Sandra. From my first session with Sandra she put me at complete ease and has made me feel very safe,  I feel that she understand and respects me and this has been incredibly important for me in being able to really open up and share my experiences. 


Sandra has helped me to develop new coping strategies which I have been able to put into use in my everyday life. Throughout our sessions Sandra has introduced me to a range of different techniques and has always supported me to go at my own pace in using them.  I have found trying different techniques has really helped me and I have been able to explore what works best for me. 

I have been able to identify goals with Sandra and have been able to work towards them. The sessions have really helped me to better understand myself and I have really seen a huge amount of personal growth."

Group support/therapy

Connect better with self and others.
Receive identification & affirmation.

Groups can be beneficial when isolated or need to be around other people that have a similar need or aim as you. Groups can help a deeper connection with self and then with others. Learn how you interact with others and gain tools and resources from one another. These can be topics around personal development, self-care, addiction recovery issues, and managing difficult feelings and emotions.
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Wheat Field

Person-centered Humanistic

Experience a genuine connection, and a relationship that you can trust.

Person-centred means being a skilled empathic listener who reflects back some poignant points you have made and brings what might need more attention to the surface to explore. Feel listened too and accepted. The sessions are client led but sometimes offering and inviting subconscious aspects to look at more closely, and sometimes go deeper into. Always your choice.

"I found working with Sandra highly beneficial. I felt paramount every time I walked into the room.   For me I often needed grounding into the room, to calm and find my own thoughts, Sandra ensured I kept my feet on the floor, and felt safe throughout each session. I also appreciated her honesty and the time I was given to smile with her cats."