What is it?

Abbreviations explained

I work organically and intuitively pulling on my experience, training, and skills from what feels right in the moment.

The empty chair technique from Gestalt can be a powerful experience in integrating split parts of self.

TA - Transactional Analysis focuses on the concept of us having child, adult, parent ego states. 

CBT-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy looks at how certain thinking affects our feelings and our behaviours.

Solution-focused spends time on what is going well and pulling from positive experiences, focusing on the solution rather than focusing on the problem and what is not going well.

MI-Motivation interviewing is affective in working with ambivalence around change and when torn between decisions.

Psychodynamic is when I focus on the here and now in the room around feelings and what is going on in the dynamic between us to learn from.

What I can work on with you:

I can work with many issues in particular Alcohol and Drug addiction, including supporting partners or family members that are, or have been affected.

Abuse, in particular sexual, emotional, and mental abuse and related trauma.

"Trauma is anything that overwhelms the brain's ability to cope" which is normal.

Also Inner child work, dependency issues, bereavement, relationship with food, balance life-style, Mental health issues, self-worth/self-esteem, identity, sexuality, relationships past or present. Work related issues, stress, obsessions and breaking unhelpful habits, and health issues.